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Lovely Purwokerto

Lovely Purwokerto

Located in the south of Central Java, Purwokerto offers the beautiful gorgeous breathtaking place. It is the capital city of Banyumas residency which has 249.705 population in 2010. The prominent icon of tourism in Purwokerto is Baturraden. It is located in the south of Slamet Mountain, one of the active volcano and the second rank of the biggest mountain in Java. It is a nature tourism park which rely its freshness and awesome scenery. Many tourists do not feel reticent to come to Purwokerto for enjoying the nature beautifulness of Baturraden. Moreover, Purwokerto also has another fabulous places such as Telaga Sunyi, Curug Cipendok, Pancuran Pitu, Pancuran Telu, etc.

From culinary, Purwokerto has many unique foods such as mendoan, dage, sroto, gethuk, and many more. Mendoan is a kind of food which made from thin tempe/sliced thin, covered by flour that has been seasoned and fried half-cooked. Dage is a food similar with cake which made from nut dregs that coagulated and fermented. Usually fried with seasoned flour and eat with cayenne pepper. Sroto is a dish similar with soup which composed of chicken or meat, broth, ketupat(kind of rice which covered by banana leaf), vegetables, and red-white crackers. Gethuk is a snack which based ingredient by cassava. First, cassava is peeled and steamed. After that it is crushed or ground, than added by java sugar.

            Economically, Purwokerto is not included as industry city. There is no big industry which can absorb many labors or big stockrooms as storage place for goods in the big scale. The existing industry is just small scale industries with 10-25 labors such as industry of wet noodle, cracker, traditional snack, etc.

            Purwokerto also known as student city because of the amount of students who come to learn in the various colleges each year. Those colleges are UNSOED, UNWIKU, UMP, STAIN, SPN, UTTP, etc. This condition then grow up new land of business for Purwokertonese. They build boarding house, laundering service, stationer’s, grocery, and restaurant to fulfill student’s needs. Purwokerto then becomes service city and this phenomena increases people’s income.

            Another characteristic of Purwokerto is the language. It has unique language which called ngapak. Ngapak is Javanese language which spoken with special dialect and suppressions. Purwokertonese also recognized as their simplicity and hospitality. That’s what makes the new comers feel acceptable and comfort to stay even live in Purwokerto.



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